Borland Delphi

Borland Delphi is a professional software applications development tool with an amazing array of 3rd party tools available as enhancements. These tools typically become the core of any Delphi application. In addition, Delphi can be connected to any database backend, like MsSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, and so on.

We have extensive experience developing in Delphi as well as utilizing 3rd party tools that allow us to maximize the use-ability of our applications.

Should your project require extensive customization that goes beyond a typical database application, then Delphi is probably the tool. Delphi, in conjunction with either MsSQL or MySQL, allows enormous flexibility, speed, and power.

Concerned about output? We also have experience with Reporting tools and graphing that allow for extremely professional output, in virtually any format (printouts, XML, PDF, rich text, Word, Excel, etc).

We're also experienced in application licensing. Our third party tool of choice allows us to build application security into your Delphi application in a way that suites your needs. We can create an application that is licensed for a customer's site, by machine, or even by server, allowing for very flexible licensing options.

The KitchenTools project was built using Borland Delphi.

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